From the feasibility study to developing working drawings, from site management to commissioning of electric car charging systems: the new frontier where we are demonstrating our technical expertise and multisectoral capabilities.

  • Electrical panel building for HVAC
  • Automation and water treatment
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Distribution boards with relevant wiring diagram
  • Electrical panel prototyping
  • Spacious warehouse for storing materials

The 3-stage process 


Meet with the Customer

Every aspect of the item ordered will be designed together with the customer in order to ensure the finished product meets the brief and offers unbeatable efficiency.


Design the System

Taking into account customer preferences and the intended purpose of the device, the resulting panel may be a standalone model or inserted in an enclosure provided by the customer in question.


Install the Panel

Our engineers’ lengthy multisectoral experience thus translates into the ability to interpret, quote, design and build the electrical panel, with quick and professional installation all across the region.

Each to their own… panel! Receive more information

Each to their own… panel! Receive more information